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Get ready for Presentation Proposals

Are you as excited as us for our upcoming conference in Riverside?? Keep an eye out for a call for presentation proposals (to be aligned with our strategic plan, found here: coming soon in mid-October along with registration information.

Here's a list of topics that we are seeking- let's get your minds going!

  • Diversity & Equity & Access

  • Early Intervention & Outreach

  • Educational Placements/Policy Impact

  • Language Deprivation

  • Mental Health

  • Online Learning Opportunities

  • Research in the Field of Deaf Education

  • School Leadership

  • School Viability

  • Teacher Shortage/Building a Pipeline


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GUEST ROOM RATES: (with discount code) Deluxe $ 199.00 Sold Out Check for the remaining, nicer rooms at conference rate: Raincross $ 224.00 Glenwood $ 264.00 Mission $ 314.00 Junior Suite $ 384.00

CEASD seeks dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable individuals to share their expertise on issues or challenges facing the education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for presentation at the 2023 CEA

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